Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Why is an Air Conditioning License Necessary?

Why is an HVAC license necessary when repairing your Air Conditioning & Heating Equipment? Why does it matter if the company that I call is licensed?

While most people know that having a license matters, many people  just don't know what skilled trades require a license and which ones don't. In Texas, a license is required for air conditioning/HVAC work, plumbing, electrical, and more. All of these licenses are issued by the state licensing board. You can search any company's license status by going to This site easily lets you see what license the company holds.

If you have a company perform work at your house that is not licensed then you have no recourse when something goes wrong. You can tell the state but the state doesn't recognize that company and so there is very little recourse.

You will see many people in Craigslist and elsewhere that advertise and will stuff like "licensed & bonded/insured". Any company, whether licensed or not, can go out tomorrow and buy liability insurance. An insurance company would be more then happy to take their money. However, when a licensed company files with the State of Texas to operate it must show the state their proof of this liability insurance or the state will not issue a license number.

There are standards that have been made that each company has to abide by and be tested by. When somebody comes to your house and has not agreed to be held to these standards then you can rest assured they will not care what happens to your equipment or y our family. The risk is all on you.

An unlicensed company will often be cheaper because it can cut corners where a real company cannot. You might be able to tolerate this in a painter but you don't want that for your comfort systems like your heater and your AC.

And you especially want someone who is licensed and knows what they are doing when it comes to system that operates on gas, like a furnace. This is where the most severe damage can arise. To avoid any problems, I recommend you perform a quick check at the TDLR website to verify a license.

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