Thursday, January 5, 2017

Air Conditioning Repairs in Fort Worth, Texas

If your air conditioner has recently broken and your live in Fort Worth or the surrounding areas, you are likely one of two types of people. The first type of person spends a few seconds on Google, finds a reliable and honest air conditioning repair company that can come to their house quickly, and they book the soonest appointment available. They want relief fast and they value the expertise of a professional company

The second type of person whose AC breaks will often do a bit of research before picking up the phone. If their AC is icing up on the outside, this person may spend some time on Google finding out why the unit is icing (it is most like leaking freon). Once they feel they have a good idea of the problem, if they are skilled in mechanical repairs they may attempt to repair the problem themselves. Sometimes a unit may ice up simply because the filter is too dirty and needs to be changed. Diagnosing this type of problem may save a homeowner the money they would have spent hiring a company. And different companies have a huge range of prices, even for something as small as letting you know you needed to change your AC filter. Texas Discount Air has one of the lowest service call fees in Fort Worth and they only charge $29 for the service call, and this includes diagnosing the air conditioning problem.

Once this second type of customer feels they have a good idea of the problem, they may research common prices for this type of repair, or they may even order a part in anticipation of hiring an HVAC company to install the part. However, most HVAC companies will not use parts purchased by the customer because of warranty issues. The HVAC company does not know the true age of the part, whether it is truly brand new or if it is refurbished, etc., and so if the repair fails and the part is to blame, the HVAC company and the customer are back to square one.

However, if the air conditioning company uses their own part, they will stand behind both the part and the work -- and usually a good, licensed HVAC companies will come back for free to fix a failed repair.