Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Ordering AC & Heating Parts

So lets say you feel very competent in your diagnosis of the problem with your Air Conditioning or Heating System. First let me say that I advise you not to do this. When it comes to Plumbing, there is stuff at Home Depot so you can do it yourself. When it comes to Electrical there is also stuff you can find there to do it yourself. The same goes for painting too. There are no such items for air conditioning and heating repair however. This is because most of the items to be repaired are too complicated to just be learned through a 5 minute instructional video. Also there is the issue of the EPA requiring a license to handle refridgerants, especially ones under extreme pressure. This is why I will always suggest that you call a licensed Air Conditioning & Heating Company . Some companies charge more then others so choose one that has a discounted service and a good reputation.

So you believe your diagnosis is the right one and that you know the problem. The next thing you need to do is to make sure you have the right part. This is not always easy because you cant just go looking on the internet for the word 'fan motor'. There are almost 43 different combinations of 220volt fan motors. You will need the right HP, the right voltage, the right rotation, the right RPM, the right heat rating etc. Once you have all this data then you can begin your internet search. Most every Brand manufacture will NOT allow you to purchase products or goods through them because they have to allow only contractors the right to do that. This is done so that contractors continue to sell the companies equipment and install it since only they can. The best bet is to search the internet and try to find some type of supplier who is willing to help you. There are places such as Grainger that might be of help. Ebay also has alot of specific items for HVAC that you can purchase. The main thing to remember is to be careful. Having been in the industry I can tell you that probably 80% of the time that a homeowner tries to fix it themselves it ends up costing more then had they just called a service company to begin with. Sometimes there is a simple fix that a technician can apply instead of trying so many options and spending money in guessing. At the very least you should place a service call, get a quote of what's wrong and then you can you try to fix yourself.
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